#13 A life too long, too short

Life is precious because it’s short, that’s why it’s special, because we know it’ll end one day.


A tropical Sunday from 5 years ago

The comma,

The beauty of the comma lies in all it stands for. Comma is hope, just like semi-colon is (the better) alternative to a full-stop. It’s an appeal to pause and to look around, to not get lost in details when it gets too much, to not lose track of all that makes life beautiful.

‘The most personal is the most creative’

I didn’t realize until my birthday two weeks ago, when a friend pointed it out, that I haven’t published much lately. brent talking was posted on March 31 and there has been exactly one blogpost since. Time has flied and I haven’t noticed. But also, drafts have been piling up since the last week of April. I…

Faith – at 25

I needed to believe in something larger than life, larger than anything I knew.
And it’s how I survived. (Also, this article may be summarized as Paalam kadakkuvolam narayana.)

#2 Limits

(I’m preparing for my optimization midterm on Wednesday and it’s all I could do to stop myself from titling this post “Constraints”) I’m shit pretty scared about this midterm. I was supposed to study the whole day and yet all I’ve done is make pav-bhajish bhaji (and eat it, duh). I then tried to study…

Winter – Romance

I met G on New Year’s Eve 2016 at Mandi House. It was winter. The best part of winter. When it’s cold but not too much. You can smoke fumes out of your mouth in the thick morning air while walking to class. Peas still sprout when soaked overnight and Parachute oil hasn’t frozen in…