Afternoon showers and WFH

Taking a shower during a lunch break when working from home has been an unexpectedly cathartic joy during WFH.


A tropical Sunday from 5 years ago

Chapter 1: An Apology

There is a salty, greasy yet safe taste of blood that discharges into your mouth from a falling tooth. Ages 8 – 12? I can’t even remember when I lost my teeth. But the taste is distinct. It’s different from say when you bite your teeth into your inner cheek, or the taste of other…

The comma,

The beauty of the comma lies in all it stands for. Comma is hope, just like semi-colon is (the better) alternative to a full-stop. It’s an appeal to pause and to look around, to not get lost in details when it gets too much, to not lose track of all that makes life beautiful.