A tropical Sunday from 5 years ago

Chapter 1: An Apology

There is a salty, greasy yet safe taste of blood that discharges into your mouth from a falling tooth. Ages 8 – 12? I can’t even remember when I lost my teeth. But the taste is distinct. It’s different from say when you bite your teeth into your inner cheek, or the taste of other…

The comma,

The beauty of the comma lies in all it stands for. Comma is hope, just like semi-colon is (the better) alternative to a full-stop. It’s an appeal to pause and to look around, to not get lost in details when it gets too much, to not lose track of all that makes life beautiful.

Favorite/first photo

We had a bunch of virtual social activities in the orientation week of my summer internship. There were 55 of us summer interns, and one of the activities was sharing a favorite picture or a memory. I cannot say I enjoyed all the games we played, particularly If you could be anywhere in the world…

‘The most personal is the most creative’

I didn’t realize until my birthday two weeks ago, when a friend pointed it out, that I haven’t published much lately. brent talking was posted on March 31 and there has been exactly one blogpost since. Time has flied and I haven’t noticed. But also, drafts have been piling up since the last week of April. I…